Distribution is not Optional

As companies and services grow and become more complex, computers become bottlenecks and lead to both human and technical challenges. Distributing systems helps one aspect but harms another.

Faster Time to Market

Simpler tools speed up development release cycles.

Stable Digital Services

Ad-hoc distributed systems are often a lot less stable than their predecessors

Less Cognitive Load

Stop replacing one complexity for another that requires even deeper knowledge

More Streamlined Hosting

Stop throwing more, increasingly expensive computers at the problem

Less Friction

Less coordination between teams means less missed opportunities.

Better Informed Management

Management lives on information. Tangled wires lead to short-circuits.

Overcome FUD

We believe distributing systems should be easy. We believe that technology should serve the needs of the business and the developer. We believe that we can bring about this future which enables our clients to achieve their dream of frictionless scaling.

Nowadays, everyone has a walled garden to sell. They promise protection but lead to vendor lock-in and arm-twisting. We believe in an open world, where different parts can come together to form coherent systems

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About Us

We are a dedicated group of professionals coming together from different backgrounds. We believe that the diversity of our experience helps us in better recognising and serving the needs of our clients.

Andras Gerlits
Inventor and Founder

Andras invented, patented and implemented the technology behind OmniLedger.

He is an enterprise software industry veteran of more than 20 years. He spent most of this time working as a consultant for various clients in both London and his native Budapest, mostly in the finance and the civil aviation industries.

Mark Burgess
Scientific Partner

Mark is a physicist, technologist, advisor to public and private organizations globally---author, founder and original architect of CFEngine, founder of ChiTek-i, and Aljabr. International technology advisor, and public speaker. Contributor to the science and technology of distributed computer systems in today's Internet Infrastructure, especially through semantics of Configuration and Promise Theory.

Jan Burmeister
Jan Burmeister
Corporate & Legal Partner

Jan is a corporate and M&A lawyer of over 25 years. He is a founder of BNT (attorneys in CEE), a multinational law-firm with 14 locations, spanning 11 countries.